Steady Fulmars

Isle of May National Nature Reserve

Thursday 14th January comments: As part of the seabird series we are running on the blog, today we follow on with looking closely at the Fulmar as we reveal how the population levels are doing and what the national picture is all about.

During the 2020 full island census, the Isle of May supported 324 nesting pairs, a 16% increase on the previous season’s total. However it was still below the 2017 breeding figure of 341 pairs and way short of the all-time record of 369 pairs on 2001. In general, Fulmars have been doing well on the island although the population is fairly stable and is around the 300 pairs mark per year.

In contrast, the national picture is a bit more glum as Fulmars are not doing that well with almost a third of the population has declined between 1986-2018. During this period numbers in the…

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