Puffins on Land!

Isle of May National Nature Reserve

2 (2) Puffins back on land for the first time since last August

1 Puffin (Downsized) Showing well and looking mighty fine

4 Puffin dowbnzixed Darkness around face shows a touch of winter plumage

3 Puffin donzied Arriving and touching down

5 Puffin downzised Thousands across the colonies

Thursday 26th March comments: Touchdown! Today was a monumental day for the Puffins of the Isle of May as these charismatic seabirds arrived back on the breeding colonies for the first time this year. Puffins spend the winter out in the North Atlantic, mainly in the North Sea around Scotland with some penetrating into the Atlantic Ocean itself.

Since departing the island last August these hardy seabirds have been living life out on the ocean waves, regardless of weather and just bobbing about for the last eight months. So today was a big news story as these birds arrived back touching land for the first time since leaving. All across the island Puffins carpeted…

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