teabreak after swim at Olympia, brief reflections on a life resisting psychiatry/mental illness …

Sitting in Greggs on the High St Dundee, it’s raining so for once (or twice) I’ve paid to park in the Overgate to avoid getting wet.

Thinking of recent tweets about psychosis/psychiatric treatment in relation to RCPsych tweeting about new guidance on antidepressant withdrawal, the risks. I got off max dose Venlafaxine in 2003/4 but not without injury (suicidal impulse overdose 2002; bone loss, 6in titanium plate right fibula Mar05). And a constant in my life, and that of family, has been engaging with psychiatry and resisting mental illness, since 1966 aged 14 when first aware of my Mother experiencing a nervous breakdown, resisting hospitalisation (ECT, drugs).

Then in every decade since – personally in 1978, 1984 and 2002; family in 1990’s and from 2005 until 2013, advocating, giving peer support, eventually complaining, whistleblowing and campaigning. A progression and transition, helped by Others in positions of power who proceeded to exclude, bully and silence me when I spoke out the truth about human rights abuses in psychiatric settings after 2012.

“Winning” the Ombudsman case in 2014 against NHS Fife (grudging letter of apology) for “unreasonable treatment” of my son Feb12 Stratheden Hospital, while Scottish Government awarded £4.4m to Fife health board for a new IPCU (Hollyview Ward), did not feel like justice had been done. Especially since there had been attempts made by Fife Council Social Workers to frame me for psychiatric abuse (causing psychological harm to my son) in an Adult Protection Investigation Report which I eventually received a copy of in Aug12.

My own breakdown in August 2015 was as a result of the campaigning years and no justice, got a bladder prolapse, could have been worse. Self managed it until recently when getting a ring pessary fitted by a Consultant at Victoria Hospital Gynae clinic. Not having a car from end of 2015 was challenging, especially last winter on buses and at bus stops. Now we have a new car, thanks to family, and this is making life easier.

In conclusion, I’ve much to be thankful for, not least the wonderful example of my Mother who survived psychiatric treatment and managed to live productively despite it, for decades on a 3wkly Depixol depot injection until lung cancer took her aged 68 in 1998.

Gardening pics

Taken this morning:

Lavender and wild poppies

Back door potted plants, variety

Dahlias, broccoli, lettuce and pea plants

Acer up top , broccoli and tatties still to show

Pieris lookin bonny

Rhododendrons flowering

More Rhodies

Lilac bush, French Marigolds and Japanese Azalea

White Potentilla flowering more this year

Lavender and Petunias