knitting, sewing, chillin …

Sock heel turned

Dressmaking table on Sunday past

I fair enjoy knittin on these wintry days and nights, at home and out ‘n’ about on travels, keeping fit, engagin wi like minds. Also sewing, recently getting the Singer out to alter and adapt skirts I’d bought from charity shops plus another handmade skirt from some green cord material purchased Remnant Kings Glasgow back in 2015.

Aran gilet completed

Tartan material panel added to denim skirt back seam

Today in V&A Dundee. Grey DK wool to knit a jumper ..

Today wee bit sock knit in V&A. Drifter DK Maryland shade 25% cotton mix.

Ordinary people doing extraordinary things are the stars

I hear stories and witness actions when on the move to Dundee, at bus stops, in cafes, when swimming, engaging in online social networks, of folk who are doing their best for others, family, friends and strangers, and it is inspiring, encouraging and hopeful.

They are going the extra mile because they care and it makes the world a brighter place for all of us.

View from our front door this morning, the last day of January, upon setting off for the 94 bus at Springfield Rail Station. Of the crescent moon with Venus on the left and a smaller Jupiter on the right.

Knitting projects

Sitting in Cupar cafe passing time until Hygienist appointment so here’s a wee story about knitting I’m doing, at home and on the move:

Another pair of cotton mix King Cole Drifter DK socks in Maryland shade with a different cable pattern on the front:

Was wearing the last pair knitted yesterday, diamond pattern, Missouri shade:

While at home I’m knitting a gilet or waistcoat in Aran wool with 10% Alpaca and an interesting pattern I bought at the Oxfam shop in Lochee:

Photo of finished back gilet. Now onto left front …

Wee trip on bus to Granite City revisiting the past

After swimming yesterday morning at Olympia I decided on spur of moment to take Citylink bus to Aberdeen, and jogged to Seagate where Megabus was about to set off. Only 3 passengers on the 1hr 20min journey. Front seat top deck:

I was heading for Devanha Terrace where I stayed in digs 1st year on MA Accountancy degree. My Auntie Margaret, Dad’s big sister, organised this accommodation and went with me to visit, summer of 1970. I didn’t know who my room-mate would be or that the others in the digs were 2 men who had trained for the priesthood in another twin bedded room and 2 Catholic women in single bedrooms. I only found this out after starting at university on my 18th birthday, 28 September 1970.

That first freshers week I joined the weightlifting club and the OTC (Officers Training Corps). These were the activities which appealed to me from all the ones on offer. My Mother was in Murray Royal mental hospital Perth all that summer and my Granny had died in the July. My Dad was sequestered in London since 1969 after his contract was terminated at the Daily Express scriptwriting Jeff Hawke. So my Auntie had brought the Social Work into our family and wee sisters were fostered temporarily, 9 and 14yrs younger than I. No-one consulted me about it.

Rowing on River Dee Aberdeen.

On Devanha Terrace recalling student digs experiences 1970/1.

View from McDonalds on Union Street having lunch.

Fashion sense …

These winter days on the move by 2 buses to Dundee for a swim then walkabout and adventure I wear an outfit of Berghaus boots, black tights with handknitted socks, shorts and short skirt on top, oftimes tartan and a handknitted jumper, Aran or other.

Today my shorts are old cutoff black joggers! Photo taken just now on 94 bus to Leuchars:

Photo above taken after Olympia Dundee swim, of £3 sale tights fae Primark. A bargain!

Swimming first thing best for motivating muscles!

Yesterday I tried a different exercise programme, going for a 3 mile walk in Dundee, from South Road to Balgay Hill and down Blackness Road first thing then going to Olympia for a swim. However I struggled doing lengths and later had aching muscles, a sore back, so today went back to the usual: 94 bus to Leuchars then 99 bus to Dundee for a 20-30min swim.

Feel much better, enjoyed swim again and relaxing muscles under hot shower. Very good!