A blot, a stain, or perhaps something worse?

Hole Ousia

In my dictionary I find this definition of ‘blot’:

On learning that GSK will resume paying doctors to promote its drugs after a “policy U turn”, Fiona Godlee, Editor in Chief of the BMJ stated  :

Yet ten years have passed since this article was published in the BMJ:

This may explain why the current Editor in Chief now unreservedly states:

I have campaigned for Sunshine legislation for over a decade now. I have also repeatedly sought support for such from the medical Royal Colleges and the General Medical Council.

On the 22nd February 2018 we woke up to News headlines like this:

This was a coordinated clarion call based upon the publication in the Lancetof this meta-analysis of short-term antidepressant prescribing for major depressive disorder:

A Fellow of the Royal College of Psychiatrists was widely quoted:

Expert reactions  were promoted by the Science Media Centre

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