“The Great, Tall, Little, Small, and Insignificant”

Hole Ousia

I first came across Albert Ernest Pickard (1874-1964) after visiting Bannockburn House: a house with an ancient history, that not so long ago, was owned by him.

When I first visited Bannockburn house it was most dilapidated, and without electricity and running water: it had two caretakers, Mick and Terry who had lived there since Pickard’s time. Mick and Terry were very kind to me and let me explore the house. Sadly, not long after my visit, Mick died.

Bannockburn house has since been purchased by the local Community who have wonderful plans for the house and gardens.  Had it not been for Mick and Terry and their dogs, the house would not have survived.

Albert Ernest Pickard, the last Scottish-based owner of Bannockburn House, owned over 30 other Scottish homes, including magnificent Formakin. No record survives to confirm if Pickard stayed even a night at Bannockburn, unlike Bonnie Prince…

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