Letter from consultant neurologist (private)


In February 2017 I decided to consult a neurologist privately due to long waiting times on the NHS.  It was a terrible consultation.  I had a witness present and he was aghast.  The consultant completely denied that my many symptoms and resulting disabilities were anything to do with benzodiazepine withdrawal.  He refused to answer questions and was extremely evasive.  If I had been in that consultation alone, it would have been even worse.  I have been re-reading his letter to my GP after the consultation.  I paid £150 for the consultation, £650 for an MRI scan and £750 for blood tests and £100 for nerve conduction tests.  I was advised that the scan and tests would be unlikely to show anything after the consultant did a few cursory tests of my legs and arms.

The letter starts off as follows:


  1. Depression
  2. Epilepsy
  3. Functional neurological impairment – aetiology undetermined.


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