Sue’s honourable decision to leave her role as Peer Support Worker explained

Reframing Mental distress as a potential catalyst for positive change

Last week we heard from Sue Irwin as she described the discovery of herself as ‘head gardener’ for the seeds of her inner Warrior.

In this very evocative and intelligent follow – up article, Sue describes her journey back into mental health services ‘on the other side of the fence’, and why she made the decision to leave, this time of her own volition to honour her personal values…

Sue Irwin

Why I Chose to Leave Mainstream Psychiatric Services

A Peer Supporter’s Personal Perspective

If we plant a seed in a desert and it fails to grow, do we ask, what is wrong with the seed?

No. We must look at the environment around the seed and ask, what must change in this environment such that the seed can grow?(Deegan, 1996)


I left my post as a paid Peer Support Worker (PSW) on an acute in-patient ward within mainstream…

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