What use are Human Rights If you cannot exercise them?


Fpexels-photo-208494.jpegFrom birth, my life has been inextricably linked with human rights issues/abuses.  But what I have come to realise is What use are rights if you cannot exercise them?

I come from a background of abuse, torture, and despair.  I was born after a sham marriage of convenience, abandoned by my mother to be brought up my ageing grandparents.  I experienced sexual abuse from being five years old right through to my teens.  I didn’t go to school, I was kept away from other children and subject to racist abuse, psychological torture and neglect.  I put on weight to stop the abuse from happening to make me less of a target.  I didn’t wash. I had never played as a child and had no social skills.  I was unable to interact. I was an empty shell of a human being.  A non-person. Yet it didn’t stop.   Eventually I was…

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