Battle of the Isle of May (part I)

Isle of May National Nature Reserve

1 The Isle of May….

K-Boat British K-class submarine

Monday 29th January comments: (Isle of May NNR) Part One: Over the course of this week, we’ll be running a series of special blog posts which will shock many and surprise others at the events which unfolded off the Isle of May, a century ago.

100 years ago to this week, the nation was gripped by the ravages of the Great War which was raging across much of northern Europe. The British Royal Navy’s Grand Fleet had been involved in one of the deadliest and bloodiest navel battles of all time at Jutland just 20 months previous, with the loss of over 6,000 men. As a result, the Fleet Admiralty were keen to improve on ‘battle readiness’ for any further sea confrontations with the enemy which may come about as the war continued.

It was decided a navel exercise would…

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