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Hole Ousia

A further evidence session on Sir Harry Burn’s Review of Targets and Indicators took place in the Scottish Parliament on the 9th January 2018.

The Convener of the Health and Sport Committee repeated the comment that he had made to Sir Harry Burns in the first evidence session:

I have expressed before that I share the Convener’s impression of Sir Harry Burns’ Report. Like the Convener, I also noted Sir Harry Burns’ deference to the “folk up the hill”. Here he was referring to senior Scottish Government officials.

One of those senior Government officials is the Director for Health and Social Care Integration, Geoff Huggins, who was previously Director for Mental Health. Mr Huggins confirmed that his Department will be “working to develop a next-stage process” of  Sir Harry’s Review into Targets and Indicators.

I have previously posted on this evidence given to the committee by Mr Huggins:

It is interesting…

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Finding balance

Hole Ousia

This unedited clip (apart from titles) is from the evidence session on NHS Targets given to the Health and Sport Committee of the Scottish Parliament on 10 January 2018.

I share the view of the Chief Medical Officer, Dr Catherine Calderwood that we need to be balanced in how much we measure. As has been said before, not all that counts is countable, and not all that is countable counts.

The Director of Health and Social Care Integration, Geoff Huggins (Scottish Government) then continues on from Dr Calderwood. The narrative that Mr Huggins gives on the Scottish Government’s Dementia Target is misleading. Mr Huggins blames General Practitioners for not supporting the Dementia Diagnosis target. Mr Huggins cites only benefits of the Target and seems to continue to demonstrate “willful blindness” of any harms. It thus worries me very much that Mr Huggins has been tasked in taking forward the next…

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