I was born in Edinburgh

Hole Ousia

I was born in Edinburgh:

However I wish to have no part with this “consensus”:

This  small group consensus needs to explain how Alzheimer’s disease can accurately be distinguished from clinical dementia otherwise great harm could result.

I was made aware of this “consensus” only this week following request from Professor Craig Ritchie to identify patients from our clinics to be involved in research. I am afraid that I found the request somewhat confusing. It began:

“We have a broad programme of research in European Prevention of Alzheimer’s Dementia (EPAD) to look at the impact of disclosure of risk status in people with preclinical or prodromal dementia (previously referred to as MCI).”

Yet continued:

“We know that the evidence base to be able to accurately predict risk needs some growing and that is the main purpose of the EPAD Cohort and PREVENT Dementia Cohort”

and confirmed:

“In a vast programme of…

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