Isle of May National Nature Reserve

Thursday 28th September comments: Today there is something different on the blog as we celebrate national poetry day. As a way of celebrating, the small team on here wrote and produced an Isle of May poem called freedom (brilliantly read by our volunteer Simon). (Unfortunately technology would not allow us to switch the image around as you can see!)

For those who would like the wording, here is the poem in full…


Freedom is a Fulmar, soaring through the waves

Freedom is the Seals, that call their homes the caves

Isle of May is blissful, magical and free,

A home from home, in the middle of the sea.

Windy, rainy spring to fall,

Nothing compares to the Puffins call.

Seabirds galore on the cliffs so high,

Terns displaying, dancing in the sky.

People arrive from boats south and north,

To see the jewel in the Firth of…

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