Endemic Abuse

Mental Health Cop

This morning’s headline in The Times is a complete stunner – NHS abuse of mental patients ‘endemic’(). Already, early on the day of publication, we have various commentators running off down various routes, from Professor Louis Appleby bemoaning a ‘harmful media bandwagon’, to individual mental health professionals pointing out that the words ‘mental patients’ are outdated at best and stigmatising at worst. Then we’ve already seen objections to the implied journalistic conclusions whereby The Times is mistaking every serious untoward incident review for ‘abuse’, which conflates distinct issues, apparently. I’m sure we’ll see more of this as the day goes on – for example, I’m waiting to hear the ‘bad apple’ theory which we often hear about when it comes to excesses and abuses of police powers. This is the idea the majority of officers are good people who get up every day to put themselves in harm’s way…

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