Networking with fellow carers

A Caring Mind

FamilyWelcome again to another one of my carer blog posts. On this particular post I am going to talk about networking with carers. When I talk about carers, I am talking about unpaid carers, I am not mentioned care workers who work for a care agency. Care workers are paid and have clients, carers are unpaid and care for someone they are related to or emotionally attached or at least know.

Caring for someone can be extriemly isolating. If a carer is spending so much time caring and not networking, they can loose out on support, information and identity. It is so important to get out there and mingle with like-minded carers.

I have done a short video presentation about carer networking, you can view it below.

  • One of the worst aspect for carers is to be isolated. Carers feel they belong if they are connected to other carers.
  • Carer…

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