freedom to speak

Hole Ousia

The Director General for NHS Scotland:

  Peter's experience of the Director General for NHS Scotland

The Clinical Director of Healthcare Improvement Scotland:

     Peter's experience of the Clinical Director of HIS

The Director of Health and Social Care Integration:

Peter's experience of Director of Health & Social Care Integration

In my determination to put patients first I have been treated poorly.

These highly paid officials seem to be beyond accountability:

[I have always openly acknowledged that my view is no more important than any other. In all that I create I express what I cannot say with any certainty. I am fully aware of my weaknesses.  I absolutely refute any charge that I am “vexatious”. I do not hold grievances. What matters to me is truth and fairness. I have found that the same cannot always be said of those in genuine positions of power]:

It can take courage to care. To resist the threats to…

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