Trying out Trialogue in Scotland

Although reblogging this post it isn’t an endorsement as my survivor voice isn’t involved in this project so I don’t know what’s really happening within, culture wise.  I’ve learnt from experience that the only way to really know what something is like is to taste it and see for yourself.  I’m fussy.  That’s been useful in helping me survive.

Up to this point anyway!


The team behind EMPOWER at the University of Glasgow are developing an exciting new project aimed at supporting better communication and trust in relation to experiences of psychosis. We have opportunities for mental health professionals to get involved.

‘Trialogues’ are an approach originally developed in Germany. They involve groups of people coming together to discuss issues related to the experience of psychosis. Groups include people with personal experience of psychosis, unpaid carers/family members and people who provide mental health services. They aim to offer a safe space in which people can share experiences and learn from each other.

The Trialogue approach has not been tested in Scotland in this way before so the broad aim of this research is to consider whether Trialogue could be useful here. We want to learn more about whether this approach makes sense to people taking part in groups and if it feels safe and…

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