Insulin Coma Therapy

Hole Ousia

In a recent Psychiatric Bulletin, there was a fascinating Editorial about 90 year old Dr Harold Bourne and his “fight for justice with no fear of the consequences: one man taking on the mainstream medical profession in order to stop use of a treatment that had been harming and killing people across the world for more than a quarter of a century.”

Insulin Coma Therapy was once a treatment used for severe mental conditions. It was widely used.

Dr Bourne 1

After I read this Editorial, entitled “Dr Bourne’s identity – credit where credit’s due” I made a short film about this extraordinary story. I called my film Furor Therapeutica:

Furor Therapeutica – Insulin Coma Therapy from omphalos on Vimeo.

Here is Dr Harold Bourne:


And here is the start of his Lancet Editorial “The Insulin Myth” written when he was a junior doctor:


In my opinion, as a practicing NHS…

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