Our Moral Duty to Protect Islam’s Reformers @joelhirst

Joel D. Hirst's Blog

As I started to write this post, my first reaction was to go deep – like I do sometimes. To draw lessons from our great cloud of reformers active since the dawn of politics: Cicero assassinated by senators of a republic that was no more; Galileo’s science that could not be silenced by an obscurantist church trying to stop the movement of the earth; John Knox’s flight from bloody England.

Yes, reformers have always had a tough time in their struggles – but that fact doesn’t make the decision to dissent any easier. For the reformer, their decision is personal. It is existential. It is – well quite scary really. Because they too bleed red; they too have children whom their work places in harm’s way; they too fear pain and violence. To take that step; to ‘swim against the current’ and say unpopular things directed toward people with whom…

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