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As I started to write this post, my first reaction was to go deep – like I do sometimes. To draw lessons from our great cloud of reformers active since the dawn of politics: Cicero assassinated by senators of a republic that was no more; Galileo’s science that could not be silenced by an obscurantist church trying to stop the movement of the earth; John Knox’s flight from bloody England.

Yes, reformers have always had a tough time in their struggles – but that fact doesn’t make the decision to dissent any easier. For the reformer, their decision is personal. It is existential. It is – well quite scary really. Because they too bleed red; they too have children whom their work places in harm’s way; they too fear pain and violence. To take that step; to ‘swim against the current’ and say unpopular things directed toward people with whom…

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Lurasidone – financial conflicts of interest

Hole Ousia

The launch in the UK of Lurisidone began in August 2014.

My previous post on Lurasidone (Latuda) which has now been marketed in the UK followed the financial interests of one of the authors of the “Special article” in the British Journal of Psychiatry.

Leslie Citrome

It has now crossed my mind, and here I must be very clear that I am speculating, that the British Journal of Psychiatry may have been paid to publish this “Special article”?

I have now looked at the details provided on Lutada to medical professionals by the makers SUNOVION

It is welcome that this new medication has fewer metabolic effects than currently available antipsychotics. It is worth reflecting that, when the “atypical” antipsychotics were first marketed, they were promoted as having fewer Extra-Pyramidal Side Effects (EPSEs) than existing antipsychotics. It later emerged that the atypical antipsychotics had considerable metabolic side-effects.

This is how Latuda is introduced:

lurasidone uk 3

Here are the “References”

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