Paradoxical tip for revising a manuscript with which you are dissatisfied @CoyneoftheRealm

Quick Thoughts

Revisiting my written work is sometimes painful but usually valuable. This is particularly true when I am dissatisfied with what I produced but can’t figure out how to change it. Ever been there?

I’m quite dyslexic, and I often don’t see things looking at what I have written on the screen. So I write early in the morning on my PC, save it in Dropbox. I then download it to my iPad and take it to a comfortable nearby café with excellent cappuccino. I have a fine espresso machine at home, but I make a point of not learning how to make cappuccino so that I am forced to go the café.

I know that people can edit manuscripts on iPads but I refuse to learn that also. I think it’s a very important part of my creative process to take what I read into another environment and confront it…

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