Reductionism – truly, madly, deeply

Hole Ousia

On Friday the 25th of November 2016 I gave a talk for the Scottish Philosophy and Psychiatry Special Interest Group.

My subject was “Improvement Science”.

The following is based on the slides and the four short films that I presented.

My talk was entitled:
001-improvement-science The meeting was held at the Golden Lion Hotel, Stirling:golden-lion-hotel-stirling-25-nov-2016-1golden-lion-hotel-stirling-25-nov-2016-2I started the day off:
002-improvement-scienceI gave these declarations:
I explained to the audience that like Dr Rev I M Jolly I can be overly pessimistic:

005-improvement-scienceThe dictionary definition of ‘Improvement’:
006-improvement-scienceThe dictionary definition of ‘Science’:
007-improvement-scienceMy concern is any pre-determinism to science:
008-improvement-scienceThe Health Foundation have considered Improvement Science: this is from 2011:
009-improvement-scienceMany different terms are used including “QI” for “Quality Improvement”:
010-improvement-scienceThis is where improvement science began, in Boston, Massachusetts:
011-improvement-scienceThe Founder of the Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI) was Don Berwick:
013-improvement-scienceThe first description of this movement in Britain goes back to 1992 by Dr Godlee:
014-improvement-scienceFifteen years later, Dr Godlee…

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Healing the rifts between mental health workers and psychiatric survivors

LSE Business Review – Healing the rifts between mental health workers and psychiatric survivors

Paradoxical tip for revising a manuscript with which you are dissatisfied @CoyneoftheRealm

Quick Thoughts

Revisiting my written work is sometimes painful but usually valuable. This is particularly true when I am dissatisfied with what I produced but can’t figure out how to change it. Ever been there?

I’m quite dyslexic, and I often don’t see things looking at what I have written on the screen. So I write early in the morning on my PC, save it in Dropbox. I then download it to my iPad and take it to a comfortable nearby café with excellent cappuccino. I have a fine espresso machine at home, but I make a point of not learning how to make cappuccino so that I am forced to go the café.

I know that people can edit manuscripts on iPads but I refuse to learn that also. I think it’s a very important part of my creative process to take what I read into another environment and confront it…

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Director General for NHS Scotland

Hole Ousia

I have found it impossible to communicate directly with the Director General for NHS Scotland.

The Director General for NHS Scotland does not reply to e-mails sent to him unless you follow this advice from his office:

Paul Gray 02

Please note: The above includes only the first paragraph of the
Deputy Director's letter of the 15 October 2015.

It is essential to note that the Director General had repeated opportunities to make it clear to me that this was the process of communication to be followed. Unfortunately this never happened.

My advice to the Scottish Public is to carefully follow the advice as given by the Deputy Director, Colin Brown. Otherwise you may risk being considered “unwell”, as I have been,  for contacting the Director General through his, openly available Scottish Government, e-mail address.

Paul Gray, PAG1962, Year of Listening, NHS Scotland

Mr Paul Gray, the Director General for NHS Scotland: 
Year of Listening, 2016: "I've taken time to listen"

Over the last 8…

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