An Eggscellent Day!

Isle of May National Nature Reserve

Guille 1 First guillemot egg discovered late yesterday (Mark Newell)

Guill 2 Guillemots now starting to settle on the cliffs

Eider nesting (downsized) And our first Eider eggs this morning

Monday 18th April comments: Just as the ink was drying on yesterday’s blog post, news broke that we had discovered our first Guillemot egg! The female was noted incubating her egg on the cliffs late on Sunday evening although very few other birds were in attendance, so an early pioneer.

The date is one day earlier than last season’s first egg laying date for the Guillemots and five days earlier than the overall mean laying date for the island. Over the next week or so, the majority of Guillemots (and Razorbills) will soon be on eggs alongside the Puffins and other seabirds.

And another! This morning (Monday) we discovered the first Eiders on nests as three different females were found incubating eggs near the lighthouse…just…

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