The Namibian

Mental Health Cop

The following opinion piece appeared in the Namibian newspaper on 12th April 2016.  It follows the Namibian Correctional Service re-running training on mental health for their staff after the pilot programme I ran in Namibia during 2015.  It was slightly edited by the newspaper as these things are, here is the full version –

The first step towards solving a problem is recognising that you have a problem in the first place, it is said. Many societies don’t see open discussion about mental health issues or understand the extent to which people with disabilities are affected by their criminal justice systems. Mental illness can still be a taboo subject in some parts of the world and those of us living with mental illnesses, neuro-psychological disorders and intellectual disabilities still find themselves stigmatised, marginalised and criminalised because of their problems. We know that people with mental health problems all over the world…

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