An Eggscellent Day!

Isle of May National Nature Reserve

Guille 1 First guillemot egg discovered late yesterday (Mark Newell)

Guill 2 Guillemots now starting to settle on the cliffs

Eider nesting (downsized) And our first Eider eggs this morning

Monday 18th April comments: Just as the ink was drying on yesterday’s blog post, news broke that we had discovered our first Guillemot egg! The female was noted incubating her egg on the cliffs late on Sunday evening although very few other birds were in attendance, so an early pioneer.

The date is one day earlier than last season’s first egg laying date for the Guillemots and five days earlier than the overall mean laying date for the island. Over the next week or so, the majority of Guillemots (and Razorbills) will soon be on eggs alongside the Puffins and other seabirds.

And another! This morning (Monday) we discovered the first Eiders on nests as three different females were found incubating eggs near the lighthouse…just…

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Respect @LisaSaysThis [reblog]

Lisa Says This

Lisa oval

With growing frustration, I watch how friends who are “experts by experience”* are increasingly being treated by the NHS and the various bodies tasked with inspecting and improving it. Such as being invited to be part of an inspection as an equal member of the team. But being paid many times less than anyone else, possibly even less than the living wage. Or being asked to join a group to produce guidelines or develop a new treatment or service change, bringing knowledge, skills and experiences that no-one else around the table can possibly have, for nothing or for a fee that is so close to nothing as to be insulting. Or being invited to speak at a conference but being told that “we have no budget for speakers” when clearly the conference is a commercial event AND the other speakers are being paid either by virtue of being in full time…

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The Namibian

Mental Health Cop

The following opinion piece appeared in the Namibian newspaper on 12th April 2016.  It follows the Namibian Correctional Service re-running training on mental health for their staff after the pilot programme I ran in Namibia during 2015.  It was slightly edited by the newspaper as these things are, here is the full version –

The first step towards solving a problem is recognising that you have a problem in the first place, it is said. Many societies don’t see open discussion about mental health issues or understand the extent to which people with disabilities are affected by their criminal justice systems. Mental illness can still be a taboo subject in some parts of the world and those of us living with mental illnesses, neuro-psychological disorders and intellectual disabilities still find themselves stigmatised, marginalised and criminalised because of their problems. We know that people with mental health problems all over the world…

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Bridge Plans Announced

Isle of May National Nature Reserve

Susp Bridge Mock up design of how the bridge will look running to the May

drawing_large The overall bridge design

Friday 1st April comments: Today the Government announced plans to construct a sixth Forth crossing over to the Isle of May as plans to increase nature tourism took a giant step forward. The bridge, which will span from the nearby town of Crail, will allow day trippers the opportunity to drive to the Isle of May.

Reserve Manager David Steel said “it’s wonderful news especially for those who may not have travelled in the past due to sea sickness, as those people will be able to enjoy the sights and sounds of the seabird reserve without leaving the comforts of their cars”.  David went on to say “Puffin drive-by will be a totally unique experience as people will be able to see Puffins from the car windows and also get a…

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