The Scottish public want sunshine #HoleOusia

Hole Ousia

Over two years ago I raised a petition with the Scottish Parliament to urge the Scottish Government to introduce a Sunshine Act for Scotland.


A Sunshine Act would make it mandatory for healthcare workers (and hopefully academics and all allied health professionals) to declare fully any payments including payments in kind. The argument I presented was that a single, searchable, independent register underpinned by statute would ensure transparency, promote scientific integrity, reduce the potential for harm and save money.

Current Guidance in Scotland (HDL62 issued by the Scottish Government) has failed for more than 13 years. Other governance bodies, such as the Royal Colleges, have separate systems which also appear to have failed to ensure transparency of financial payments. These overlapping, but ineffective, systems of governance duplicate costs and bureaucracy to nobody’s gain.

My petition was closed earlier this month by the Scottish Parliament as the Scottish Government had committed to…

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Closed by the Scottish Parliament: a Sunshine Act

Hole Ousia

PE1493 closed

My petition was closed on the 8th March 2016, after the following consideration by the Public Petition’s Committee:

PPC 8 March 2016

I was naturally disappointed.

I was invited by the Scottish Parliament to give feedback. This is what I said:

Thinking about the process that your petition went through, 
how fairly do you think your petition was dealt with?

Firstly I am impressed with how well organised and structured the PPC is. There are many petitions (a growing number?) and without the Clerks I cannot imagine that the committee members and Convener would manage to cope.

Secondly I am impressed that the PPC meetings are all recorded and archived both by Parliamentary TV and full verbatim Minutes. This is most commendable

My petition PE1493 was not fairly managed. The reasons are as follows:

(1) Apart from the initial opportunity to present my petition and engage directly with the committee there were no further opportunities…

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Articulating oppression amidst privilege @KGuilaine


A new ‘brand’ of psychologists?

Ifacilitated a workshop on anti-oppression and activism as part the pre-qualification group of the Division of Clinical Psychology annual conference yesterday. This conference was primarily targeted at pre-qualified members of the division of clinical psychology, that is those who are still on their journey towards qualification as clinical psychologists. However, a significant proportion of attendees were qualified and well established clinical psychologists. The conference aimed to acknowledge and support aspiring clinical psychologists’ greater presence and voice in the public domain and to recognise their role in actively tackling social inequalities.

Further, the event aimed to highlight the role of critical and community psychology approaches to achieve those aims. I was very excited when I got the invite to facilitate a workshop. This is my element. But something was amiss. I usually get busy on social media when I attend such events. I tweet key messages…

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The Nineteen Fifties

Mental Health Cop

You remember Britain in the nineteen fifties… the Suez Crisis, the Korean War and the Queen actually having to make a constintutional decision about the appointment of a Prime Minister following the resignation of Sir Anthony EDEN. Bearing in mind the Queen recently became the longest reigning monarch in British history, you have to go back to the 1950s to see a decade where we had any other monarch. This was a LONG time ago! – a time that finally saw an end to rationing following the restrictions imposed during World War II. And it was a very different time – during the 1950s, Britain was part of leading on the delivery of the United Nations universal declaration on human rights and towards the end of the decade, we modernised our mental health laws. This subsequently led to Enoch POWELL’s second most well known speech – the Water Tower…

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