Rights for Life Declaration Launch: 22Feb16: I’ll be there!

No more psychiatric abuse. Human rights for ALL.

Rights for Life

rights for life identityWe are delighted to announce that the Rights for Life Declaration will be launched on 22 February 2016.

This landmark document sets out the human rights being called for by people affected by mental health issues in Scotland. It reflect the principles, rights and standards of international human rights treaties to which the UK and Scotland are bound and is guided by the rights-based PANEL Principles: Participation, Accountability, Non-discrimination, Empowerment and Legality.

One of the outcomes from the 2015 Rights for Life event was a clear mandate to develop the work generated over the course of the two days. Since then, the Steering Group* have been developing the Rights for Life Declaration and Change Agenda. After analysing all the event outputs, we produced a Draft Declaration and Change Agenda. During the past four months we have consulted widely on these documents: at a national event in Glasgow; regional events in Edinburgh, Inverness, Arbroath and Perth; and online.


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