The Rising Use of Taser @MentalHealthCop

Mental Health Cop

Today has seen media coverage about Taser use after Freedom of Information applications by the Justice Gap: it takes us again into the difficult and extremely sensitive debate about the use of this controversial item and makes us focus more specifically on the complex area of mental vulnerability. As ever, there is stuff to note and debate here, along with some fairly standard myths that come out every time electro-conductive devices are mentioned. Others who know more about Taser (other electro-conductive devices are available) will probably end up making more detailed points in coming days, but it should be pointed out that many police forces have expanded their distribution of this equipment during this five year period. With more officers carrying it, I suspect it would be unsurprising if it were not used more frequently.

You may remember the case in London in 2011 of Christopher HAUGHTON? –…

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