A Factor of Ten @MentalHealthCop

Mental Health Cop

Today is the Opposition Day debate in the House of Commons and I type this as I watch it on my iPad.  Firstly, it was amazing to see that as Luciana BERGER, the shadow minister for mental health, introduced the debate, the first interjection from another MP was to highlight the pressure on policing, arising from the amount of demand they face connected to mental health.  This was not the last mention of policing: frequent reference was made to the unacceptable reliance upon police cells as a Place of Safety and the Secretary of State for Health, Jeremy HUNT, reference the progress that was made in reducing the use of police cells but that it was still unacceptably high at over 4,000 people a year.

Whilst this figure is right, it is also wrong!  And where it is wrong, it is wrong by at least a factor of ten. …

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