Nothing is Stirring @SteelySeabirder

Isle of May National Nature Reserve

Your not my mum Grey Seal pup saying hello

Seal pup looking Inquisitive even at an early age

Mum and pup1 Sleeping babies and watchful mums

second coater only 3 weeks old, coat moulted and now independent

Sunday 29th November comments: As December approaches the Isle of May is slowly closing down. The seabirds are halfway through their winter retreat having been away since August whilst the island closed to visitors at the end of September. And that just leaves the Grey Seals.

Since mid-September the Isle of May has seen huge numbers of Grey Seal pups born across the island (over 2,400 last autumn) although we are now heading towards the end of their breeding season. The last of the pups will be born in early-mid December and then the island will close down, and nothing will stir, not even a mouse.

However one thing will keep going; the blog! I’ll be making occasional visits out to the island (so watch…

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