Here Come the Boys! @SteelySeabirder

Isle of May National Nature Reserve

1 stand off GD Bull Seals starting to fight (Graeme Duncan)

2 Bull fight Violent fights are common place (Graeme Duncan)

3 Bull seals At 40 stone would you mess?

blood bath The aftermath; blood on the jetty following a fight

Friday 20th November comments: The season continues to change and the number of pups has now peaked across the colony but it’s not all sweetness and light…the boys (known as bulls) are here.

Slowly and surely the Bull seals, some weighting as much as 40 stone have been arriving on the colonies with only one thing on their mind…its soon the mating season. Bulls will defend a harem of cows with violent fights and serious injuries common place. Towards the end of the lactation (about 20-21 days) the cow seal will become fertile and will mate although implantation is delayed for up to three months.

The gestation period is nine months and the end result is of pups being…

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