Who is the external regulator for NHS Scotland?

Hole Ousia

For some time now I have been confused about which body is responsible for regulation of NHS Scotland. I had hoped that this recent draft, currently open to consultation, would clarify matters:IndependentregulatorNHSScotland04

This document appears to concentrate on bringing about cultural change. This is undoubtedly necessary; however I was disappointed to see that the thrust of this document appears to shy away from an external regulatory system. Instead the emphasis appears to advocate “improvement methodologies” as a means of bringing about cultural change in NHS Scotland.IndependentregulatorNHSScotland06

The following extract from this document would appear to marginalise the role of external scrutiny:IndependentregulatorNHSScotland07

This document was in part a response to the Crerar ReviewIndependentregulatorNHSScotland09IndependentregulatorNHSScotland09b

Healthcare Improvement Scotland itself has stated:IndependentregulatorNHSScotland08

This document does not appear to commit to an external regulator. The question that arises then is who is currently providing scrutiny.

Just before the Scottish parliamentary recess, the…

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