Remembering Lorraine Nicholson: @mentalcapital [reblog]

My comment: “Chris thank you for writing this eulogy in memory of Lorraine Nicholson.

I was very sorry to hear the news on Thursday through social networks. I felt sad and angry at the same time. Sad at the loss of Lorraine to all of us in Scotland’s mental health world and further afield. Angry that mental health services are not better resourced and I say this as a writer, activist and campaigner. A psychiatric survivor and mother of sons who have been/are challenged by “mental illness” labels/diagnoses.

Let’s change the world. Yes I agree.”



It has happened again. Another mental health champion has lost their fight, and died too soon by suicide.

Lorraine Nicholson was  quite simply one of the most warm, authentic, honest and discreet people I have met in nearly twenty years of mental health activism and campaigning.

There are activists who talk loudly, activists who work tirelessly, activists whose opinions clash, those who like power, those who reject power…those who thrive in the system and those who reject it or disrupt it. Our movement is broad.

Lorraine had the rare gift of being able to bring something to almost every corner of the movement, and to earn respect across the board and in any room.

Our movement has never needed people like Lorraine like it needs them now.

In mental health the term peer seems to be diluted, assumed, or mortgaged as much as it is cherished, valued and prioritised. I…

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