Who is Isabella Kimmett? by Jacqueline Thomson


Who is Isabella Kimmett?

Isabella Kimmet age 21Why is her name linked with an NHS award for Compassionate Care? Was she a doctor or a nurse, a local dignitary or maybe someone of note?

The answer to all of the above is “no” – she was so much more. She was my mum.

When Isabella hit her mid to late eighties and we had reached a stage in our lives where we had a bit of role reversal going on.

I became the person who looked after mum and she became increasingly dependent on my help and support but that was okay and thankfully some things never changed!

We still watched “Corrie” together, shared many a story and a bit of gossip here and there and we laughed our socks off at daft things.

She loved me in the way that only a mother can and I loved her right back! I learned…

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