Dr Peter J Gordon: “As a critical friend”: awareness campaigns [reblogged]

Hole Ousia

I have just read:009 as a critical friendIt begins: [we]010 as a critical friend011 as a critical friendAs a doctor who openly asks questions I see great value in being a “critical friend”:008 as a critical friendThe Alzheimer Scotland Strategic Review outlines significant progress:012 as a critical friendThis is the current campaign by Alzheimer Scotland of which I have expressed concerns as a “critical friend”2 Feb 2015 Alz Scot early diagnosis a This Alzheimer Scotland campaign promotes early diagnosis:014 as a critical friendYet just a few months before this campaign was launched, Alzheimer Scotland:015 as a critical friendThe Glasgow Declaration, signed here by the then Cabinet Minister for Health, Alex Neil, enshrined “timely diagnosis”. It has now been signed by 1815 individuals and 50 organisations across Europe. As an international agreement it does not advocate early diagnosis.Glasgow-declaration signed Dr Margaret McCartney asked in her book “The patient paradox”:  001 as a critical friendand then offers this concern:002 as a critical friendAge related memory loss, that is not dementia, can be a reality for us all as we age. It is however very far from inevitable. Such mild…

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