NHS Scotland: “leading Integration” on Hole Ousia (reblogged)

Hole Ousia

This event has been widely advertised. When I first read the Conference title I assumed that it was about integration of health and social services.222The pledges on the NHS for the key political parties are outlined in the current BMJ:pledges 2015 healthbThe Scottish National Party, who are currently in government in Scotland, and have full devolved responsibility for the NHS, have made this pledge:pledges 2015 healthcHaving now read the 13 page “Exhibitor and Sponsor brochure” it appears that this event is also to do with integration of the NHS and the private sector:LIQ01The plenary Speakers include, amongst one or two others, four MSPs, two of the country’s most senior civil servants, and the National Clinical Lead for Patient Safety and Improvement at the Scottish Government:Plenary speakers 2015Here is the headline pledge to exhibitors and sponsors:CropperCapture[3]The following excerpts are from the 13 page “Exhibitor and Sponsor brochure” [highlights are mine]LIQ04LIQ06LIQ07LIQ08 Exhibitor costs are…

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