“Bonuses for senior doctors rise” on Hole Ousia, Dr Peter J Gordon

Hole Ousia

It was reported this week that “bonuses for senior doctors” in NHS Scotland is on “the rise”:Discretionary points4This reminded me of a range of views expressed after I offered my personal considerations about “pay awards” for NHS Consultants.

I should say that I found the ‘award panels’ to be thorough but hugely labour intensive in terms of time and resource. So ‘cost’ perhaps should be considered a number of ways:Discretionary points1 This was one replyDiscretionary points2 This was another:Discretionary points3 This week’s report began:Discretionary points5 Consultants can get up to seven “discretionary points” before moving on to three levels of “merit awards”:Discretionary points6Discretionary points7Discretionary points8Discretionary points9My personal view is that such financial incentivisation risks skewing behaviour: as has been found in other areas where incentivisation has been brought into healthcare. There may be potential consequences: such that professionalism may be guided more by managers, politicians and improvement science than by experience, training and knowledge.Discretionary points9cIt is many…

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