The Politics of Dementia: Dr Peter J Gordon, Hole Ousia website

Hole Ousia

At the recent leaders Debate, David Cameron commented specifically on the progress made in  increasing dementia diagnosis rates in NHS England:Leaders-debate2I have long had concerns about the ethics of such an incentivised target based approach. Dr Martin Brunet has given this personal view:MartinNHS England’s policy became known as “cash for diagnosis”:Leaders Debate, dementia 2 April 2015 (2)Dr McCartney in her current BMJ “no holds barred” offers her view regarding political involvement in matters like this:Politicians screening for dementia 4 Apr 2015I have tirelessly advocated for timely approach to the diagnosis of dementia. This has now been enshrined in the “Glasgow Declaration”

The Glasgow Declaration from omphalos on Vimeo.Leaders Debate, dementia 2 April 2015Professor June Andrew’s recently gave the following robust opinion which I do not share:LRB - cash for diagnoses - June Andrews To conclude, I share the concerns expressed by Dave Forrest:Leaders Debate, dementia 2 April 2015 (4)

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