Windows: Dr Peter J Gordon, Snow-Leavis

Hole Ousia

On Tuesday I attended Parliament to observe the further consideration by the Petitions Committee of my request that Scotland considers introducing a statutory Sunshine Act. This post is to thank the Committee for opening a window.window012

I share John Betjeman’s disapproval of bureaucracy. However I reckon that we all share a love of sunshine: Peter-Sunshine,-Jan-2015

This post is a pattern of images of windows that I observed as I walked from Waverley station to the Scottish Parliament. It was Alexander McCall Smith who wrote to me suggesting I read this book:051

Candia McWilliams is another acclaimed Edinburgh writer:Candia McWilliams

Candia McWilliam’s book, What to look for in winter, is about her functional blindness. It is a book full of light:Candia McWilliams (3)

Candia McWilliams invited me lunch at her home. I was dazzled by the light she brought. I made a film about this (as I tend to do). Candia McWilliams opened windows…

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