Reblog: Royal College of Psychiatrists and transparency: “Criticisms of yesteryear”?

Hole Ousia

For several years now I have written to the Royal College of Psychiatrists regarding an apparent lack of meaningful transparency regarding financial conflicts of interests in our profession.

A recent communication with the Royal College, of which I am a member, included discussion of the following Conference being held this week in Scotland:Old Age March 2015 RCPsych

I confirmed to the Treasurer of the Royal College of Psychiatrists my wish to take up the offer to be sent all Declarations of interest of those speaking and involved in this CPD approved Conference:

Nick Craddock on declarations March 2015

The current Chair of the RCPsych Ethics Committee is attending this Old Age Psychiatry Annual Scientific Meeting and stated:Chair of RCPsych Ethics Committee

Operational Guidance issued by the Royal College of Psychiatrists asks that the following three principles should be followed:Principles of RCPsych

The Royal College of Psychiatrists newsletter for this month comments on the Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry register (or Central Platform as they have…

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