Reblog: A Sunshine Act for Scotland: the petitioner’s views by Dr Peter J Gordon

Hole Ousia

A pdf version of the following letter can be accessed here on the Scottish parliament website.

Sunday, 15 March 2015

To: Public Petitions Committee
The Scottish Parliament

Dear Public Petitions Committee
Scottish Parliament Public Petition PE1493 on a Sunshine Act for Scotland
Thank you for informing me that my petition is to be considered by the Public Petitions Committee at its meeting on Tuesday 31st March 2015.

You suggested that I might like to make a written submission for the meeting of the Committee informing me that this would be published online with the other evidence that the Committee have gathered for Petition PE1493. Since my last submission to the committee I have received a letter from the Scottish Government dated 24th February 2015 [included below] which asks my views as petitioner on a number of specific matters.  With the permission of Gordon Clark, Scottish Government, I thought…

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