Reblog: ‘Alzheimer Scotland: in a “muddle”?’ Dr Peter J Gordon

Hole Ousia

My previous post was about the latest Alzheimer Scotland “campaign”: Let’s talk about dementia which was launched this month:2 Feb 2015 Alz Scot early diagnosis2

I sent my post to Alzheimer Scotland and to a number of those who signed the “Glasgow Declaration” in October 2014:Glasgow-Declaration

This is how the second Dementia Strategy (2013-16) was introduced by Alex Neil, MSP, then Cabinet Minister for Health & Wellbeing:Not-true,-but-there-you-go

You will note the Cabinet Secretary states that this first Strategy was “focused on improving care” through “more timely diagnosis”. In fact Scotland’s first dementia strategy makes no mention of timely diagnosis of dementia. Glasgow-21-Oct-2014-(18)

However, Scotland’s second Dementia Strategy was explicit:Key-outcomes-strategy-2

All of this is necessary backdrop to the “position statement” made on the 10th February 2015 by Alzheimer Scotland. I have heard several people describe this position statement as “muddled”.1

I have heard many elderly patients say, that when assessing their overall cognition, that it can…

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