My Complaint to Healthcare Improvement Scotland about the Targeting of a Doctor by their National Clinical Lead


On 30 January 2015 I received a letter via Email from Robbie Pearson, Deputy Chief Executive, Director of Scrutiny & Assurance, Healthcare Improvement Scotland (HIS), to say that the complaint I raised, on 5 December 2014, against Karen Goudie, HIS National Clinical Lead, in respect of her social media exchanges with Dr Peter Gordon, had been upheld

I received an apology regarding the “incident” and Mr Pearson said:

“We are reviewing our social media guidance to strengthen understanding, and to ensure that it is consistently complied with across the organisation.

I am grateful for you bringing this matter to our attention.” (bolding is mine)

Here is the 2 page letter from Mr Pearson:

rpearson p1 letter29jan15

page 2:

rpearson p2 letter29jan15Here is link to full complaints process in blog post.

And to a pdf copy of the HIS complaint.

Front page capture:




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