Hole Ousia Reblog: ‘Evidence to back dementia screening is still lacking, committee says’

Hole Ousia

This report has just been published in the BMJ:Evidence lacks, dementia screening Jan 2015

It has attracted this response from a “free spirit” and “old man”:J K Anand 17 Jan 2015

The article begins:

“GPs have again raised the question of why NHS England persists in promoting dementia ‘case finding’ after the UK advisory body on screening reiterated its view that the current test for dementia was not accurate enough to recommend it for routine use.”

My view, having studied the subject of “case-finding” is that it is one-and-the-same as screening:

One and the same from omphalos on Vimeo.

Dr Martin Brunet stated in this BMJ article: “Unfortunately, despite the fact that there has never been a recommendation to screen for dementia, NHS England policy has been to introduce screening programmes in primary and secondary care by using the term ‘case finding,’ to circumvent [National Screening Committee] guidance.”

The article continues: “After reviewing the evidence on screening people aged…

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