Why you can live a normal life with half a brain

comment from a Tom Michael on blog post: “I think you need to make the distinction between a person who was born without a specific area of the brain, versus an adult who suffers a brain injury to a specific area.

I’m sure that you’re aware of this, but it might give a false impression to your readers that the adult brain has the same plasticity and capability to adapt after injury as the brain of a baby with a specific malformation.”

response from Tom Stafford: “Thank you for adding this note, which is absolutely correct”

Mind Hacks

A few extreme cases show that people can be missing large chunks of their brains with no significant ill-effect – why? Tom Stafford explains what it tells us about the true nature of our grey matter.

How much of our brain do we actually need? A number of stories have appeared in the news in recent months about people with chunks of their brains missing or damaged. These cases tell a story about the mind that goes deeper than their initial shock factor. It isn’t just that we don’t understand how the brain works, but that we may be thinking about it in the entirely wrong way.

Earlier this year, a case was reported of a woman who is missing her cerebellum, a distinct structure found at the back of the brain. By some estimates the human cerebellum contains half the brain cells you have. This isn’t just brain…

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