design of new £3m IPCU at Stratheden Hospital is underway, construction starting Spring 2015, are any experts by experience involved?

I just came upon this information about the new IPCU planned for Stratheden Hospital, by chance when searching the internet:

NHS Fife – Stratheden IPCU, Cupar

As part of the Graham Construction PSCP team under the HFS Framework Scotland 2 we are undertaking the design of a new £3m Intensive Psychiatric Care Unit for NHS Fife at Stratheden Hospital in Cupar. Construction works are scheduled to start on site in early Spring 2015.”


So I have sent an Email to the NHS Fife Chief Executive Dr Brian Montgomery, saying:

“Can you please let me know where I can view the plans for this development?  I would like to be informed, particularly considering my activism in this area.  I am sure that others will also be interested.

I would like to know if any patients, carers, service users, people with experience of psychiatric settings from the customer perspective, have been involved in the design and planning process?  I haven’t heard anything on the grapevine or from colleagues.

I do hope that people like me are having a say from the beginning.  That our voices and experience are being recognised and respected.  I think it makes sense to invite us in rather than have us only spectating on the sidelines.  After all, we are the ones who may be having to engage with the service, support our family members who may find themselves detained in the IPCU.

I will put this link on my Stratheden Hospital blog in the expectation of hearing more from you ..”

[the original amount promised by Scottish Government was reported as £4.4million so I have sent another Email asking “what about the other £1.4m?“, what is it being used for?  Eg Lomond Ward which is in need of restructuring, internally, so that female patients are not sleeping in dormitory accommodation overlooked by male patients in single rooms down the same corridor.]

Link to Stratheden Hospital Blog

strathedenblog screenshot



2 thoughts on “design of new £3m IPCU at Stratheden Hospital is underway, construction starting Spring 2015, are any experts by experience involved?

  1. Very valid unit built at St Johns Livingston,money poured in,but it looks into internal square that looks still like a construction site.what about plants,greenery,birdsong,wildlife-even just birds.of so much use and benefit than chemical sledgehammers

    • Thanks for commenting Carol.

      I am concerned that patients and carers won’t be involved in the planning stages. Similarly the nurses and people working with the patients on the ground. Who do the everyday, face-to-face work.

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