misogyny and mental health

I do wonder if it’s inevitable in a patriarchal system like psychiatry that we will be faced with misogyny at every level of our engagement in mental health matters?  I’ve found it at the grassroots with paid workers who think they have the right to bully women and mental patients who have been treated like women in psychiatric settings.

I’ve been faced with it recently.  Male workers trying to speak on my behalf and when that doesn’t work then they have a go at bullying me into submission.  Which definitely won’t work, that’s for sure.  There is nothing more irritating to be patronised then picked on by people who are more ignorant than I am.  It means I have to “man up” and get them telt.  

They don’t like to be told and it can lead to an argy bargy with them losing their “cool” and making a fool of themselves in front of others.  Then I just get bored with it.  Move on to other things more interesting. 


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