‘Electroconvulsive Therapy in children and adolescents’ “spearheading” doctors “re-introduce” ECT, book review in BJPsych

ectkids“It would appear that there are no absolute medical or neurological contraindications to ECT”

so says Gordana Milavic, Clinical Director of the Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services at SLaM, as well as a consultant psychiatrist with the CAMHS Mood Disorder Service, Maudsley Hospital London, in this book (£37.50) review from the British Journal of Psychiatry.


“Side effects in young people appear to be generally mild and transient”

[I notice that the word “appear” is used rather than a more definite article.  I recommend Dr Milavic to try out a course of ECT on herself, 8-10 treatments, repeated if “treatment resistant”, then come back and do another book review to see if her opinion appears to have changed]


From Amazon UK:

“This is a pioneering book and is the first book of its kind. The book offers guidance about the use of ECT in adolescents with up to date and concise information. The editors of the book are Neera Ghaziuddin MD, MRCPsych (University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, USA), and Garry Walter, MD, Ph.D. (University of Sydney, Australia) who spear-headed the re-introduction of ECT as a safe and an effective treatment option for a subgroup of adolescents with severe psychiatric disorders. This book offers a review of the existing literature, firsthand experience of the authors regarded as experts in their respective field and highly informative case descriptions.” (bolding is mine)

My opinion:  They should try and do their best to find other, more compassionate, less invasive, treatments for distressed children that do not involve causing further trauma.



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