Alex Neil on Scotland’s approach to Dementia Diagnosis

@PeterDLROW: “My experience in NHS Forth Valley for raising ethical considerations and trying to be a voice for those most vulnerable (generally our very elderly) was far from easy. I had the same experience for raising transparency and following HDL62 which has been extant for over 10 years.

The incentivised approach to the “early diagnosis of dementia” as set out explicitly in HEAT Target 4 first raised concerns for me in day-to-day practice. This target was pursued by senior Scottish Government officials most rigorously. Here it is worth looking at the evidence presented to Westminster’s All Party Parliamentary Group by senior Scottish Officials (Government and Clinical). Phrases used included “being careful to take out saboteurs” and an approach suggested that Senior Managers and Clinicians should be taken around the “back of the bike shed” if they disagreed with policy. I am of the view that such approaches are unhelpful and unethical.”

Hole Ousia

On the 30th November I received this most helpful reply from Alex Neil, MSP, Cabinet Minister for Health and Wellbeing for the Scottish Government.

The full letter is as follows and my full response below that. My view is that the lesson Scotland has for NHS England as to regards our approach to the diagnosis of dementia is important. My view is that it is not the lesson as portrayed by the Scottish Government. Please read my letter and see what you think?30 Oct 2014 Alex Neil

My reply as posted to Alex Neil:




It is not always easy to read image files, so below is an html version with a few added photographs that were taken at the Alzheimer’s Europe Conference held in Glasgow between 20th and 23rd November 2014.

Friday, 31st October 2014
To Alex Neil,
Cabinet Secretary for Health & Wellbeing,
The Scottish Government.

Your ref: 2014/0032642

Dear Cabinet Secretary…

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