Chief Wrangler team Ginsberg and resisting the force

Just noticed the different designs on the Ginsberg website and the “team” information.  

I attended the first Hack Weekend for the project in April 2013 and tried twice to be “involved” but the Chief Wrangler wouldn’t have me on board and that’s OK.  No hard feelings.  I’ve got plenty of other work to do as a writer, activist, campaigner and critical voice in Scotland’s mental health world. 

However I’m critical of the Scottish Government’s Mental Health Strategy written by the Chief Wrangler and about his engagement with the national mental health service user group VOX which I think has been less than helpful.  Making them more like FOG, a focus group of government.

I’m also critical of the free reign given to the Chief Wrangler to undermine and bully a mother and unpaid carer, copying in others and causing stress.  It felt personal.  My complaint wasn’t upheld but I will be taking it further. 

I contend that there is insufficient evidence to suggest that the Chief Wrangler has helped to “increase the mental wellbeing of the Scottish population” although he may have been an avid “early adopter of self technologies“.

It seems to me that there is little merit in meeting force with force or “wrangling”.  It can become like bullying and intimidation, entrenchment of a position and defensive attacks.  

Rather it makes sense to me to resist the force and to stand firm.  To take back the power by peaceful means.  To negotiate and to reason until sense prevails.



2 thoughts on “Chief Wrangler team Ginsberg and resisting the force

  1. Dictionary definition – ‘Chief Wrangler’, a cowboy, especially one in charge of saddle horses. Says it all really. I’d like to see the deprived, low-income Scottish population engage with something like Ginsberg because there’s very little for them. It’s one of those platforms that’ll merge with all the others. We have plenty online for mental health and wellbeing, now we need more in local communities, where we have ‘real’ conversations and direct support. I’m all for self-management, but a lot of it needs the support from others in the form of talking, guidance, a friendly chat. Let’s get the balance right…..

    • Thanks for commenting Catherine. Yes I also got the drift regarding the cowboy angle and remembered Wrangler jeans from my generation. The saddle horses connection is revealing. I agree with your point about people on low incomes being “at the table” and meaningfully involved. Ginsberg does seem to be an upwardly mobile platform that may be more about image than substance. Very disappointing.

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